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Health Screening Services

Health Screening Services Hotline: 6262 5858

Health Screening

Our modern standards of living and stressful lifestyle have led to a surge in silent killer diseases such as heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. Early detection, proper healthcare and medical guidance can treat or minimize these health risks.

At West Point Hospital, we understand the importance and implications of maintaining good health and offer a wide range of medical programmes to care for your health needs and budget. These programmes are designed to identify risk factors and detect early signs of common diseases.

We offer different health screening packages, catered specially to suit your needs and budget. Refer to our exclusive Health Screening Packages.

Other Services

West Point Hospital also offers other range of health screening packages:
  • Work Pass Medical Examination
  • Pre-Employment Medical Examination
  • Statutory Medical Examinations (e.g. for social visit, application of PR and employment pass, driving license renewal, for taxi-drivers and food handlers)
  • Radiation Exposure / Lead Exposure for Male and Female
  • Special Contrast Examination (Intravenous Urography)


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