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Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Services

PhysioWorks Hotline: 6262 5798

Operating Hours:
Monday to Friday8.30 am - 5.30 pm
Saturday8.30 am - 12.30 pm
Closed on Sunday & Public Holidays

Offered under our "PhysioWorks" brand, West Point Hospital presents a comprehensive range of rehabilitation and physiotherapy services for our patients. Our experienced physiotherapists are on hand to assess our patients' condition and recommend a range of suitable treatment options to best address the patients' needs and optimize their health and well-being.

Depending on the nature of the problem, we may use several different treatment modalities for you. There are state-of-the-art equipments used to control pain, improve mobility, enhance functional abilities, facilitate healing of injured tissues, and help muscle strengthening and balance training.

Neurological-Stroke Rehabilitation

Physiotherapists can improve your strength and function. We have the techniques to promote normal movement. Using the theory of Neuroplasticity, we re-educate the body to move more normally. Patients re-leam how to balance well and walk again. The lack of treatment can worsen the condition. Education of caregivers in appropriate transfers methods is essential to quick recovery.

Geriatric Rehabilitation (Senior Care)

Older people have special needs. We treat and analyse their functional decline and optimize their ability for movement and independence. For continuation of care, we provide caregiver training and education. We are concerned for your comfort and can help design a safe environment for fall prevention.

Orthopaedic Rehabilitation (Pre or Post Surgery)

We manage injuries such as arm and leg fractures and those caused by industrial and road traffic accidents.

Sports Injuries

Sports enthusiasts (e.g. tennis, golf, running, gym) often have sprains and strains. Sports injuries can result traumatically as a consequence of the physical activity or can be a progressive injury owing to faulty training techniques or imbalances in biomechanical stresses. Without proper rehabilitation, the risk of recurrent injuries is high and could seriously hamper the ability to perform the sport. With our treatment regime, we can help optimise the healing process and provide the right balance of strength, flexibility, balance and agility to achieve peak performance.

Musculoskeletal (Neck & Back Pain)

Whether acute or chronic, back and neck pain can drastically affect our lifestyle. Such pain can be from degenerative conditions such as cervical and lumbar spondylosis (arthritis affecting the spine), degenerative disc diseases, stresses in daily living leading to prolapsed intervertebral disc ("slipped disc"), or from an acute strain.

We help you manage your pain in rehabilitating you to your optimal function, through a combination of hands-on techniques (joint mobilization and manipulation), therapeutic exercises (strengthening, flexibility, core stabilization, Mckenzie), and electro-physical modalities to reduce your pain and improve your strength and mobility.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy may be needed to evaluate and correct a patient's communication disorders as a result of stroke, illness or injury. The speech therapists work with sensitivity and patience to help redevelop communication skills as well as optimize their well-being and confidence.

Occupational Therapy

When there's limited function due to illness, disability or injury, occupational therapists work to maximize the patient's ability to function independently. Through a variety of exercises, treatment and education, our occupational therapists work with patients to restore the ability to perform daily activities independently and to regain important skills.


We help to treat disorders of the foot, ankle and other important areas of footcare such as wounds and specialized footwear. We also offer diabetic foot assessment and screening.

Other Services

Home Therapy
We provide rehabilitation services to patients who require home therapy after discharge from hospital or a nursing home. It includes evaluation, planning and implementation of rehabilitation services i.e. physiotherapy, occupational and speech therapy. Our therapists will come to your home with modern and mobile equipment.

Corporate Talks / Workshops
We deliver corporate talks and workshops in various topics such as:
  1. Office Ergonomics
  2. Managing Neck and Back Pain
  3. Preventing Sports Injuries
  4. Exercising Sensibly and Safety for Weight Loss
  5. Others

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